Black Woman Against Black Woman…Why Do We Do It?

Ok, so tell me…what’s the difference between these two women below? Besides them, of course, both being their own person.


I just see two successful women, yet the media likes to pin women again women. Even BET had made a very rude tweet stating that Cardi B’s Grammy win had Nicki Minaj dragged by her lacefront. Women are always pinned against each other…but I feel especially black women.

It’s not just these two artists either. I’ve also seen people pin Beyonce and Rihanna against each other over these Vogue cover photo’s pictured below. Do you know why? Ready for this….over their flower crowns. Crazy right?? Why can’t it just be two beautiful black women succeeding and rocking their crowns?


And clearly, it’s not just with celebrities either. Black women are compared and put against each other all the time. For example, maybe saying a black woman who’s hourglass shaped, oiled…

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